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F.A.Q. Recruiting, University of Washington

The nationally ranked University of Washington volleyball program answers our recruiting questions, straight from current high school and middle school parents and players.

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The University of Washington women's volleyball program won the NCAA National Championship in 2005, 4 Final Four appearances and 20 NCAA tournament appearances!

(SIDE NOTE: We're proud to say that Jess, our founder, is an AVCA All-American who took part of the 2005 Championship and the 2006 Final Four appearance. Go Huskies!)

Q. How young do kids get recruited?

University of Washington: It can start as early as 8th grade.

Q. When should we start contacting colleges?

University of Washington: You should start contacting colleges when both you and your parents are ready to start the process. Everyone will be different.

Q. How many schools should we email?

University of Washington: I don’t think there is a magic number. I think you start by emailing or calling all the school you are interested in.

Q. What details do you like to see in the initial email?

University of Washington: Name, Graduation Year, Position, HS, HS coach Name and Contact info, Club, Club Coach Name and Contact info, HS and/or Club schedule (whatever season you are currently in when you email). Vertical Jump. Video link.

Q. How much or how little should we email college coaches?

University of Washington: Email whenever you would like to update us with any new video or information about yourself and your situation.

Q. When can we contact you?

University of Washington: Recruits can contact us whenever they want. There are no restrictions.

Q. When can you contact us?

University of Washington: September 1st going into a recruits Jr year in HS is the first time I can email and text a recruit directly.

Q. Should we make a recruiting video?

University of Washington: Yes, but you don’t need to go and pay a ton of money for a recruiting service to make one for you. Just get a camera put it on the end line and push record. The video could be a skills tape or just live play.

Q. When should a recruiting video be sent out?

University of Washington: It doesn’t matter when you send a video.

Q. What do you like to see in a recruiting video?

University of Washington: I like to see live play and tell recruits to pick their best game and send it to me.

Q. What do you look for in a player on the court?

University of Washington: Ability, Athleticism, Passion, Competiveness, Team Player, Coach Ability, Work Ethic

Q. What do you look for in a player off the court?

University of Washington: Character

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Special "THANK YOU" to University of Washington Women's Volleyball program for their helpful answers!

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