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Our Favorite Knee Pads

All volleyball players need a great pair of KNEE PADS. Unfortunately, there are endless amounts of styles, padding and coverage options. Some knee pads provide a thick turtle shell padding that only covers one part of the knee OR they don’t protect the knee enough. Here are two of our favorite volleyball knee pads:

Nike Streak Volleyball Knee Pad

This knee pads provide protection, while allowing the player the freedom to move without being restricted. They are also made of dri-fit material that dries pretty quickly without holding in sweat and making the knee pad wet with continued play.

Click here to purchase the Nike Streak Volleyball Knee Pad

Mizuno T10 Plus Knee Pad

What we like about this knee pad is the amount of padding paired with extra material on both ends of the knee pad. Some players prefer to roll the top and bottom to improve dynamic movement, while maintaining the tightness of the kneepad around those areas.

With less material on the top and bottom, some knee pads tend to stretch out quickly. On the other hand, some knee pads fail to provide enough coverage when a player hits the top parts of their knee on the floor. The knee pad is the great choice to avoid both.

Click here to purchase the Mizuno T10 Plus Kneepad

Those are our favorite knee pads that will work for all players, from beginners to professionals. We chose two styles that provide coverage around the entire knee and provide protection from floor burns and bruises.These pads will cover the entire knee, including the sides of the knee and top of the knee. We recommend these knee pads based on our own experiences using them. You’ll see many club, college and professional players wearing these types of knee pads as well. Happy shopping!

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