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The CORRECT Volleyball For Your Skill Level

So you play volleyball... Now, how do you figure out what volleyball is best for you? Ranging from weights, materials and sizes, there is an overload of choices! Here, we separate balls based on who uses them and what skill level they are made for.

Mikasa MVA200 2016 Rio Olympic Game Ball

This Mikasa ball is the official ball of the 2016 Rio Olympics. The ball is popular with international volleyball circuit and mens indoor volleyball in the states. The ball is created with dimpled microfiber material and cemented panel seams, creating a soft and spongy feel.

Mikasa Game Ball on Amazon

Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball

This ball is the Official Volleyball of the NCAA Men's Championships. Therefore, it is popular with men's indoor collegiate volleyball and boy's indoor club volleyball teams. The ball is manufactured with FLISTATEC Flight Stability TechnologyPremium and a micro-fiber composite cover.

Molten FLISTATEC Volleyball

VB LITE Molten Volleyball

This LITE volleyball is perfect for young girls, playing in the 12 and under club volleyball scene. With a softer cover, this volleyball is perfect for beginners who play youth volleyball in the United States. This ball is popular with girls under 12 and the youth volleyball scene.

VB LITE Molten on Amazon

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