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Serve Receive - I'm Lost (6-2)

Here are the serve receive positions for a 6-2, an offense using two setters!

In this post, we move on to explain a 6-2 volleyball offense and show you where to stand for the six serve receive rotations.

6-2 Offense

A 6-2 volleyball offense is an offense that utilizes two Setters and two Opposite Hitters. In a 6-2 volleyball offense, there is one Setter and one Opposite Hitter on the court at all times. Typically, Setters remain back row and the Opposite Hitters remain front row.

6-2 Serve Receive

Specifically for a 6-2 offense, when the team rotates from rotation three to rotation four, the Setter rotates to the front row and the Opposite Hitter rotates to the back row. When this rotation occurs, the Setter will sub out for the second Opposite Hitter and the current Opposite Hitter will sub out for the second Setter (Important: The word “Second,” when used here, does not necessarily mean second best).

Although Opposite Hitters are usually opposite of the setter, the 6-2 offense can be used with any position on the court. For example, the Setters can be subbed in for the Middle Blockers, or for even the Outside Hitters. In this post, we stick to the common 6-2 offense where the Setters sub in for the Opposite Hitters.

For the picture below, find your position and that is where you stand when the other team is serving. For each rotation, you will rotate clockwise.

(Important: Coaches are able to tweak around the serve receive positions, so double check with your coach in case they have a slightly different set up).

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