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Best Arm Guards & Arm Protection

When kids, or even adults, play volleyball for the first time, it’s likely that they end up having sore forearms after a day of playing. Because forearms are predominantly used by beginners, arms tend to get red and sore since the player isn’t used to repetitive force on their arms.

New players are also intimidated to dive for a ball due to sticky floors or inexperience. Different types of volleyball arm guards will help combat hesitancy in a variety of ways. Therefore, in order to avoid an uncomfortable first time experience or to encourage players to dive on the floor, we recommend purchasing protective padding, specifically designed for volleyball players. Find our favorites below…

Tandem Sport Passing Sleeves

These passing sleeves are ideal for beginners. In addition to protecting arms and wrists from floor burns and the ball’s impact, the targets on the forearm represent the ideal contact area for passing.

Tandem Sport Passing Sleeves on Amazon

Volleyball Arm Sleeves

Without the thumb holes like the previous sleeve, these passing sleeves provide additional wrist mobility with less protection of the wrist area from floor burns. These sleeves also provide additional padding where the ball should hit the forearms when passing or digging.

Volleyball Arm Sleeves on Amazon

Skids - Volleyball Palm Protectors

For more advanced players who do not need forearm protection, these skids are mainly used to protect wrists from floor burns and encourage players to dive without hesitation.

Skids - Volleyball Palm Protector on Amazon

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